Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Handful of Olives

I still haven't figured out why putting olives on every finger brings one so much happiness, but it does!

Brady, Emily, and Brett enjoying their olives!

Brett is so excited he discovered how to put olives on his fingers!

All Russ kids LOVE black olives. As children (and still as adults) we fought over olives, we would hide cans of olives from each other. We even got them in our stockings at Christmas. Olives were better than candy in the Russ house. We now think it's genetic. All the grandkids love black olives too! This brings back many fun memories of putting olives on our fingers and eating them all off, just to repeat the process.


Em Russ said...

ha ha, it has to be genetic! My kids love it too, but when I was a kid I hated olives! HATED.

SpaceyKasey said...

Holy Cow, your kids are all grown up! When did that happen?

So stinkin cute. We miss you guys.