Thursday, July 17, 2008

Body Art

Okay, so I'm getting the kids ready to go to Target. I'm in my room getting dressed and getting Brett ready. This is what I see when I come out to the living room. Brady has covered himself in marker. Aggravation sets in because this is Brady's new favorite past time. He writes on something daily. For example, Sunday at church he was on his knees facing a chair coloring. He lays his head down and is looking to one side. We don't notice that he is covering his entire face in marker during sacrament. Anyways, back to my Target trip. He is covered from head to toe.
And I mean head to TOES. Every toe is colored.
After we talk and take pictures I give him a bath.
As I take him to the bath I notice the word COOL written across his back. HMMM - "Emily come here!"
She precedes to tell me she wrote Cool on his back and Rock On across his legs. If you look closely the rest of the writing is Brady writing Q's, T's, L's, and H's. Oh well, at least it was educational. On to Target for my next adventure!


Em Russ said...

another underwear post! I love it! At least your kids are smart enough to know their letters. I bet Bryan is the one who taught them to write on themselves!

Jodi said...

At least it was washable could have been a permanent. Now that would have been COOL! Rock on!

Tiffany said...

Even more than the marker I like the enlarged pic of Brady's partial package hanging down in the second pic. NICE! You should have just taken him to Target like that it would have been hilarious.

Marianne, Clint, Andrew and Nicholas said...

amy, that is soooo funny. how old are your kidsnow..... there so big. i love the coloring of the toes.