Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain,Rain Go Away?

Today we had a good ole Florida rain!
It reminded me of the rains we had when I was a little girl. A hard down pour of warm rain without thunder and lightning filled the streets in minutes.
Emily and Brady couldn't wait to get out and play. They had a blast running, jumping, and screaming in the rain.
It was so fun to watch their excitement and it brought back many memories of my brothers and sisters, and I playing in the rain.



Em Russ said...

memories of playing in the rain IN YOUR UNDERWEAR. you forgot that part! Brady looks like a regular little Russ boy decked out in his undies. Johnny says he used to go days just running around like that (except when he and Bryan played the game where they would run around with scissors trying to be Lions or something and "bite" (really cut) each others underwear to shreds...) Cute pictures though. The weather better get better by next week. I am looking forward to that Florida SUN!

Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

Such cute pictures, Amy, I love the poses, really Brady is as great as Emily in his modeling career.

Bryan - Amy, I am so connecting with you, playing in the rain, street and mud puddles in my underwear. Johnny, I totally forgot about being lions and cutting up each other's underwear with scissors - those were the days!

Liz said...

I never knew you cut up your underwear!

Vicky said...

Fast Sunday, that's one for the church magazine. Oh, to be young and play in the rain. Next time, mom you should go out and make a memory toooo with them.